Backscatter FLIP3.1 Top FlipFilterhalter (ohne Filter) für GoPro HERO4

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Das neue Flip 3.1 Filtersystem von Backscatter erlaubt es Dir auf jeder Tauchtiefe den optimalen Filter mit der GoPro HERO3+ zu nutzen. Farbenfrohe Videos mit der Actionkamera unter Wasser!

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A complete filter and lens system for GoPro Hero3
The FLIP3.1 System has the same professional craftsmanship of our previous models, and now features the all new TOP FLIP and SHALLOWDIVE, and DEEP filter options. The FLIP3.1 offers the best color and most rugged design of any filter on the market.

If you have a FLIP3.1 frame, you can mix and match 3.1 filters and 55MM adapters to either TOP FLIP or side positions.

The TOP FLIP is fully compatible with FLIP3 frames, allowing you to use any FLIP3.1 filter and 55MM adapter in the top position. The original FLIP3 frame requires original FLIP3 filters in the side position. The original FLIP3 filter is the same color as the DIVE filter.

New multiple filters for perfect color!
As hardcore GoPro users, we discovered that capturing the best underwater color requires the use of multiple filters. After hundreds of hours of testing, we’ve perfected a multi-filter system and integrated it into our world renowned FLIP design. The all new FLIP3.1 gives you multiple filters at the flip of one finger. Optimal color has never been so easy!

Technische Daten

  • Model: BS-FLIP31-TOP
  • Hergestellt in USA
  • Box Abmessungen (HxBxT): 34 x 110 x 172 mm
  • Versandgewicht (brutto): 105 Gramm
  • Produktgewicht (netto): 30 Gramm
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