INON X-2 X2 6D Unterwassergehäuse für Canon EOS 6D FL (ohne Sucher)

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Liste aller Unterwassergehäuse für die Canon 6D

Du kannst hier alle Unterwassergehäuse Canon 6D  vergleichen, die wir bei Hydronalin führen.

The Canon 「EOS 6D」is Canon’s most compact full-frame digital SLR delivering incredible image quality with many of advanced features including newly designed 20.2 Megapixel Full-Frame CMOS sensor. The INON 「X-2 for EOS6D」housing is built on the concept of 『Professional and Lightweight』 for professional image quality, high mobility underwater and superb cost effectiveness in compact and lightweight body. Buttons and levers on the housing are carefully located as much as like camera's control itself for intuitive operation underwater. You never miss shooting opportunity. INON offers an underwater camera system in total with strobe, viewfinder, MRS Port, LED flashlight and wide range of arm products all from INON for fast and smooth underwater photography/videography.

Optical Flash Trigger

Equipped with a built-in circuit (*6) to convert sync signal transmitted from camera’s hot shoe to optical signal. The unit triggers an external strobe by LEDs underneath of the Optical D Connector. Flooding-free fiber optics connection is supported to benefit simple yet reliable external strobe shooting simply by plug-in 「Optical D Cable Type L」. Different length of Optical D Cable products like 「Optical D Cable L Type L (68cm/27in)」 or 「Optical D Cable LL Type L (110cm/43in)」 expand application of strobe shooting such as 「off-camera strobe shooting」. (*6) The Optical Flash Trigger converts electrical strobe trigger signal from camera hot-shoe into LED flash (once) but does not support TTL Auto exposure or pre-flash system. Compatible flash mode of an external strobe is 「External Auto」 and 「Manual」. When using INON Z-240, D-2000 series, S-2000 or D-180 series, it is necessary to deactivate Advanced Cancel Circuit (push and lock the switch/insert the magnet) to accommodate with non pre-flash type camera.

Technische Daten

  • Model: INON® X-2 for EOS6D
  • Hergestellt in Japan
  • Material: eloxiertes Alumnium
  • maximale Tauchtiefe: 75 m
  • Besonderheit: optical Flash Trigger!


  • INON X-2 Unterwassergehäuse
  • Ersatz O-Ring
  • Box Abmessungen (HxBxT): 124 x 174 x 210 mm
  • Versandgewicht (brutto): 2050 Gramm
  • Produktgewicht (netto): 1737 Gramm

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